It is our policy to conduct our business in compliance with all environmental, health, and safety regulations, and to assist in the development of new regulations that would benefit our industry and community through public comment and participation in industry associations. We shall do this with employee involvement, adherence to safe work procedures, and continuous quality training.
Further, our management considers its first responsibility to be the safety and health of its employees, and has established a comprehensive safety program to insure a safe and healthful workplace. All necessary resources to carry out this program have been provided, and managers at all levels are held accountable to insure the implementation and enforcement of the policies and procedures needed to provide an accident-free workplace. In turn, every employee is considered an integral component of the program and is accountable to remain accident-free, be on the constant alert for unsafe practices and conditions, and to take action to eliminate them if encountered.

When safety counts... you can count on flowchem!



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