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FC - Xvis
A high-performance, dispersible, pure powdered Xanthan Gum biopolymer used to impart low end, shear thinning and suspension properties in drilling fluids.

FC - Xvis L
A high performance Xanthan Gum biopolymer suspended in a high-end synthetic oil product, which passes the sheen and LC50 tests. FC-Xvis L easily disperses into the mud system to minimize fish eyes and loss of non-dispersed polymer. FC-Xvis L provides non-Newtonian flow properties and suspension at very low concentrations in all types of fresh and brine systems. FC-Xvis L is stable to 250 degrees F and is effective in a wide variety of salinity.

A non-ionic, ultra high molecular weight hydroxyethelcellulose suspended in a hydrocarbon-free, biodegradable, environmentally safe solution. It is used to impart highly shear-thinning rheological and suspension properties in a wide variety of waterbase fluids, especially brines. FC-HEC L passes the LC50 test, the static sheen test, and the critical oil and grease test.


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