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Lubricants & Beads

FC - Cerra Beads
Sintered bauxite beads designed to replace plastic and glass beads. These ceramic beads are coated with a dry lubricant and wetting agent to further improve performance, have superior strength and roundness, & are not affected by pressure, temperature, or mud chemistry.

FC - Flow Lube XR
A high tech concentrated lubricant specifically developed for highly deviated or horizontal drilling applications. It has a high affinity for metal surfaces and will tenaciously adhere to the drill string reducing balling, protecting the pipe from corrosion, effectively reducing torque and drag, and minimizing differential sticking. It does not sheen, and has a LC50 of > 580,000 at a 100% concentration.

FC - Flowdrill

A unique blend of biodegradable lubricants produced from a renewable natural resource. It dramatically changes fluid performance with increased ROP and reductions in torque and drag without compromising other properties.

FC - Flowlube M
A non-polluting, biodegradable lubricant/ROP enhancer for waterbase mud systems. It functions well in fresh or salt muds at varied pH levels and will not "grease-out" barite in the presence of calcium.


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