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Lost Circulation/Seepage Control Products

FC - Stabil Seal
A proprietary blended fibrous material containing high natural oil content. FC-Stabil Seal was developed especially for use in oil base muds, as it doesn't require extra additions of oil wetting material to maintain emulsion stability.

FC - Flow Seal
An organic fibrous material that prevents seepage loss and reduces torque and drag. It is an effective sealing and bridging material for depleted sands. It is available in fine, medium, and coarse grades. FC-Flow Seal is biodegradable.

FC - Carbon Seal
A proprietary carbon based material, which has been selectively sized to achieve optimum particle size distribution for plugging of down-hole porous formations. FC-Carbon Seal is thermally stable and non-expansive, has a neutral pH, and does not adversely affect mud properties.

FC - Multi Seal

A blend of loss circulation materials such as fiber, cellophane, and shells. FC-Multi Seal is available in fine and coarse grades.

FC - Brine Seal
A proprietary blend of acid soluble minerals and polymers designed to help bridge and seal a wide range of fracture sizes in a productive zone where acid solubility is required. FC-Brine Seal is compatible in all completion fluids, from fresh water to bromide brines.

FC - Squeeze
A high solids, high fluid loss proprietary blend squeeze product designed to plug loss circulation zones with large fractures. FC-Squeeze is easily mixed with conventional rig equipment. FC-Squeeze will not contaminate existing mud and is neither time nor temperature sensitive and can be used in both water and oil-based drilling fluids. FC-Squeeze produces a very thick, tough cake which resists washing away once drilling resumes.

FC - Cal Carb
An acid soluble, sized weighting and bridging agent for workover, completion, and drilling fluids made from high quality ground calcium carbonate. FC-Cal Carb mixes easily through the hopper, is non-toxic, and does not leave extraneous clay-mineral residue after acidizing in contrast with cheaper, low-grade chalk materials.


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