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flowchem technologies, LLC

Production Chemicals & Services
To help producers maximize production at the lowest possible costs, flowchem offers a complete range of production chemicals, maintains a fully equipped technical service and research laboratory, has a fleet of specially designed delivery and service trucks, and provides a staff of professionals with incomparable experience.
Whether conducting a field survey for recommendations to improve efficiency, performing complex analytical tests in its lab, or when daily monitoring chemical performance on location either offshore, inland, or on land, flowchem provides maximum value utilizing advanced technology and premium service.
Additionally, flowchem has interactive internet services available through its customer portal that allow customers the ability to track field performance and to set goals for production enhancement remotely from a computer anywhere in the world.
  • demulsifiers
  • paraffin inhibitors
  • paraffin dispersants
  • defoamers
  • water clarifiers
  • scale inhibitors
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • biocides
  • surfactant
  • acids
  • oxygen scavengers
  • hydrogen sulfide scavengers
  • carbon dioxide scavengers
  • foamers
  • salt inhibitors
  • hydrate inhibitors
  • flow-enhancement products
    ...and many more
When production counts... you can count on flowchem!